Success Stories

The success of Dr. Nasrin Mahasneh from the Faculty of Law at the University of Yarmouk story

Dr. Nasrin Mahasneh holds a Bachelor and Master of Laws from the University of Jordan, and where was outstanding, it was one of the first scholarships by Yarmouk University to get a doctorate in civil law from the United Kingdom in 1998, in the period of the founding of the College of Law at the university, but back in 2001 as the first Jordanian woman to hold a permanent job as a faculty member in the College of rights in Jordan.

During the fifteen years she spent Dr. Mahasneh in...

Faculty of Law get an estimate 23 of 24 in the process of evaluating the undergraduate program

Faculty of Law has made significant achievements earned it a good reputation in Jordan and the region. Faculty has got an estimate 23 of 24 in the process of assessing the Bachelor of Law program conducted by the Hussein Fund for innovation and excellence in collaboration with the British Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education in 2006.

Faculty, students won first and second places in a writing contest legal research

Earned college students on the first and second place in the writing contest legal research carried out under the supervision of the National Center for Human Alansan.adhavh, the Vllklah record of excellence in academic proficiency exam held by the Ministry of Higher Education for graduate students, where Faculty has achieved first place in three consecutive sessions .