Master Thesis / Administrative discussed in the Department of Public Law

Student Name Supervisor Name The Title of the Master Thesis
Omar Mofleh AlqudahProf. Suleiman BatarsehAdministrative ruling authority derived from the Crime Prevention Law No. 7 of 1954
Broa Farooq SaeedProf. Khaled al-ZubaidiThe administration's failure to implement the rule of cancelation Comparative Study
Amjad Fahmi MomaniProf. Khaled al-ZubaidiThe Contrary Administrative in the public works Contract Model "A Comparative Study"
Laith Tawfeeq MuslimProf. Karim Khakeshesignation of A public Servant in Jordan "A Comparative Study"
Bahman Ahmad AbbasProf. Karim KhakeshReasoning of Administrative decisions in the high court of Justice Judgments "A Comparative Study"
Azmi Wahid JaradatProf. Suleiman BatarsehThe Authority of the Administrations Control Over the Execution of a Contract of Public Works
Nasim Mohammad Bani AmerProf. Khaled al-ZubaidiCorruption in Jordan Combating within the parliament and the Anti-Corruption Commission
Ahmed bin Salim AlhagaryProf. Khaled al-ZubaidiChange Orders in a Contract of Public Works in the Light of Typical Fidic Contract "A Comparative Study"
Ziad Ali Almosa'rProf. Suleiman BatarsehJudicial Control Over Disciplinary Decisions "A Comparative Study"
Dler Abdullah HassanProf. Khaled al-ZubaidiThe High Court of Justice Jurisdiction Over the Decisions of the Police Administrative Authorities Concerning the Environment "A Comparative Study"
Abdal Majeed AlharthyProf. Suleiman BatarsehPromotion of the public employee "A Comparative Study"
Nawaf bin Nayef al-ShammariProf. Karim KhakeshNegative Administrative Decision According to Resolution of the Supreme Court of Justice of Jordan "A Comparative Study"
Fadel Hammoud al-ShammariProf. Khaled al-ZubaidiThe Rule of Designating Objectives in the Decisions of High Court of Justice Judgment "A Comparative Study"
Nael Abdel Kader MashaqbaProf. Khaled al-ZubaidiAdministrative grievance in the jurisdiction of the high court of justice "A Comparative Study"
Athra' Sameer OceanaProf. Suleiman BatarsehGuarantees of a Fair Trial in Front of the High Court of Justice
Saleh bin Sulaiman Al AbriProf. Khaled al-ZubaidiThe Contrarily Administrative in the Jordanian and Omani Jurisdiction
Bashar al-Salah KhamaisehProf. Karim KhakeshThe Discretion of the Administration Jurisdiction of the High Court in Jordan
Fahd Zaar Al-DossariProf. Suleiman BatarsehTowards a Developed Local Administration System in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Said Saad al-AsmariProf. Suleiman BatarsehArbitration in the Disputes of Administrative Contracts "A Comparative Study"
Abdullah Mohammed DardourProf. Karim KhakeshThe Authority of Cancellation and Effects in the Decisions of the High Court of Justice
Amjad Ahmed QudahProf. Khaled al-ZubaidiPowers of the supervising Engineer in the Public Works Contract Model "A Comparative Study"
Saad Abdullah Al MutlaqProf. Karim KhakeshThe Implicit Administrative Act "A Comparative Study"
Abdullah Nasser al-DossariProf. Karim KhakeshAdministrative Discretionary Power in the Disciplinary Investigation stage Comparative Study" the Kingdom of Soudi Arabia and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Mayada Ali HarbProf. Khaled al-ZubaidiThe Judicial Control on Land Appropriation in the Jordanian
Fahd Al-Essa IsmailProf. Karim KhakeshControl of the Administrative Court on of Principle of Proportionality in the Public Employee Discipline "A Comparative Study"
Muhammad Ali KhasawnehProf. Karim KhakeshMeans of Evidence in the Abrogation Case "A Comparative Study"
Faisal Djaalan AzmiProf. Suleiman BatarsehPermissions Integrity in Public Office in the Kuwaiti and Jordanian Laws "A Comparative Study"
Bandar Fahad AlbalheedProf. Khaled al-ZubaidiThe Supervision of the Election of Municipal Councils in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia "A Comparative Study"
Mohamed Ahmed Bani HaniProf. Khaled al-ZubaidiThe Organization of Right Assembly in the Jordanian Constitution "A Comparative Study" with Egyptian Assembly Law
Mayal Bakhit AljuhaniProf. Suleiman BatarsehAssessment of Performance of the Civil Servant in the Saudi and Jordanian Legal System
Mona Abu KarshProf. Suleiman BatarsehThe defect of irregular administrative procedures in the decisions of the high court of justice
Refaat Saad AltalDr. Ahmed AldilainBarriers to parliamentary supervision in the Jordanian Constitutional system "A Comparative Study"
Mohammed Abdel-Hamid MomaniProf. Karim KhakeshIntervention in the Cancellation Claim "A Comparative Study"
Faisal Saleh Al ZoubiDr. Abdul Rauf kasasbehComing into force of the administrative decision with a retroactive effect
Abdullah Ali al-HazmiProf. Khaled al-ZubaidiThe Administrative Judiciary control on Disguised Disciplinary Sanctions "A Comparative Study"
Alya Koussim AlwardatProf. Khaled al-ZubaidiThe Certainty of knowledge in the Administrative Jurisdiction in Jordan
Sohair Falih HassanProf. Khaled al-ZubaidiStopping the Implementation of the administrative decision In the Jurisdiction of the supreme Court in Jordan "A Comparative Study"
Majid Atiq Al-ZahraniProf. Suleiman BatarsehThe authority of Administration over the termination of contract
Mohammed Saleh ArifjDr. Ahmed AldilainThe Role of Electronic Surveillance in Combating Administrative Corruption in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Khaled Al ShammariDr. Ahmed AldilainThe Defect as to form under the jurisprudence of the Jordanian high court of Justice" A Comparative study"
Bayan Qasim DakhelAlllaProf. Karim KhakeshLegal protection from noise pollution in Jordan "A Comparative Study"
Masoon Talal AjajDr. Abdul Rauf kasasbehThe Effect of Criminal Sentences on the disciplinary of public employee
Sana Khalifa AelaidazizProf. Khaled al-ZubaidiJudicial Control over the Nullity of Administrative A Comparative Study "Egypt and Jordan"
Suhaib Hamza AnagherhProf. Karim KhakeshThe Principle of Proposition in the Administrative Decision A Comparative Study "Jordan And Egypt"
Ahmed Fahd DhafiriDr. Abdul Rauf kasasbehThe Afterwards Correction of The Defect of orm and Procedure "A Comparative Study"
Bandar Dhaifullah SharariProf. Karim KhakeshThe control of the Administrative jurisdiction over the procedures of selection of public servants
Haj Yousif SaeedProf. Suleiman BatarsehDisciplinary expulsion of the public servant "A Comparative Study"
Abdullah Haji SaeedProf. Khaled al-ZubaidiThe Prince Action Effect on the Financial equivalence of the public works contract "A Comparative Study"
Muhannad Abdul MuhammadProf. Khaled al-ZubaidiThe Obligation of the public employee for not revealing the secrets of public office "A Comparative study"
Qais Mohammed KhalafProf. Khaled al-ZubaidiSuspension of the public employee (A Comparative Study between the Jordanian and Iraqi Legislations)
Abdulrahman AlmbedeenProf. Karim KhakeshThe Extent of Efficiency of Parliamentary investigation Committees "A Comparative Study"
Abdul Ilah Turkish AlmsalokhProf. Karim KhakeshThe Power Tool in Modifying the Supply Contract "A Comparative Study"
Nayef Ali SharariProf. Suleiman BatarsehControl of the administrative court on the corner why the administrative control procedures
Islam Adeel ZtimhProf. Khaled al-ZubaidiThe Disciplinary Responsibility of Advocate in the Jordanian Law 'A Comparative Study
Basma Bakr RwailiDr. Safa M. AlswelmenThe non-execution of courts judgments 'A Comparative Study"
Mamdouh Ali UsaimiDr. Safa M. AlswelmenThe role of the Antic-Corruption corporation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia against corruption compared with Jordanian legislation