Success Stories

The success of Dr. Nasrin Mahasneh from the Faculty of Law at the University of Yarmouk story

Dr. Nasrin Mahasneh holds a Bachelor and Master of Laws from the University of Jordan, and where was outstanding, it was one of the first scholarships by Yarmouk University to get a doctorate in civil law from the United Kingdom in 1998, in the period of the founding of the College of Law at the university, but back in 2001 as the first Jordanian woman to hold a permanent job as a faculty member in the College of rights in Jordan.

During the fifteen years she spent Dr. Mahasneh in academic work achieved and the achievement professionally developed, for the scientific level, in the ninth year in the university, specifically in 2010, got a promotion to the rank of professor in civil law, to be the first woman Jordanian get a professorship in law at the College Jordanian rights.

Varied trajectories of science and research and concerns; the one hand, focused on Bclast civil law, comparative law and Islamic jurisprudence, and conducted comparisons between the provisions of Islamic jurisprudence on the one hand and national laws sometimes, and between him and the international conventions and uniform laws at other times. In the same amount of attention, Dr. Mahasneh dealt with the legal developments and new contracts in the scientific work. The last theme in the research has been focused on legal education and multiple techniques, which published the research in this area.

Scientific output to Dr. Mahasneh twenty-eight were in accordance with what the research publication, or a book or a chapter in a book, or research accepted for publication, or a book to be published in both Arabic and English, and published in the Arab and international and national magazines. In addition he has had the opportunity to Dr. Mahasneh for scientific cooperation and publishing with professors from law schools in the US universities.

Recently Dr. Mahasneh launched a new idea to write a reference book in the law is the first of its kind in the Arab world, and participated with nine law professors from Jordan and Palestine, so writes every professor chapter of this book, which deals with the explanation of the unified principles in international trade contracts UNIDROIT 2010 and we have taken care of the unification of private law Institute in Rome this book, and the Director of the Institute have the offering of the book, and I took Dr. Mahasneh presenting the idea to coordinate efforts and administration to work that is now finished with the publisher, which will be issued soon.

It was Dr. Mahasneh opportunity of cooperation with the American Bar Association in Amman during the carrying out of the project to develop legal education in Jordan, where she spent sabbatical to work with them full-time leave, and then was a key external advisor for the project over seven years. It allowed this experiment by Dr. Mahasneh opportunity to learn about the experts from US universities, working with them in training in Jordan and the Arab world, where he was to Dr. Mahasneh role in the implementation of the union's activities in Jordan and Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Tunisia, and carried out workshops and training for students and Tdrbeb trained, and focused training the means of legal education and interactive clinics and legal sham trials and competitions of legal writing.

It was the culmination of all previous efforts when it adopted Dr. Mahasneh Legal Clinic at the Faculty of Law at Yarmouk University project, and made efforts to put the clinic in college practical Kmsaq poses the first time at the College of Jordanian rights, and efforts are coordinated to provide full funding for the project of the American Bar Association, as well as to establish partnerships with some of the institutions of civil society with regard to the work of the clinic, and networking with the Princess Basma Centre for women's Studies in Jordan, Yarmouk University. He has been elected in 2013 a member of the Executive Committee of the Global Alliance for education based on justice, specifically the legal clinics to be the first time a representative of the Middle East region, the coalition includes members from all over the world, and hold activities related to legal education, clinical and human rights.

As Dr. Mahasneh posts in national committees in Jordan such as the Judiciary Committee of the competition in 2014 and the Committee on restructuring of Mrkzalotunai for Human Rights and accreditation committees and other bodies.

On the other hand, Dr. Mahasneh participated in many international, regional and national conferences, whether in law or in legal education, and provided working papers, enriched academic experience. It's also a certified resident for many journals as well as in the evaluation of books and promotions and on the level of universities in the Arab world.