About the Faculty

The Faculty, as an independent entity, commenced its function in September 1999. It succeeded the Law Department, which was established in 1991 as a part of the Faculty of Economics & Administrative Sciences.

The Faculty consists of two Sections: The Public Law & the Private Law Sections. It teaches courses leading to the LL.B. degree in Law. It reviewed its study plan and introduced new courses which are highly important to law students. Theses amendments took place from the beginning of the 1st semester of the academic year 1999-2000. At the beginning of the summer semester of 2000-2001, a program leading to the LL.M degree in Commercial Law has been established within the realm of the Private Law Section. It was expected that about 15 students would have been accepted in the Summer Semester of that year.

The Faculty academic staff consists of 22 members. Besides, it is assisted by some part time lecturers. The Faculty has given (3) LLM students scholarships to obtain Ph.D. Degrees in different fields in Law from western universities. The Faculty library is equipped with good law sources including case-Law reports and Journals in Arabic, English & French. It has established good relations with some Western & Arab Faculties and it seeks to expand cooperation with others. The Faculty Students total number, nowadays, is 780. It is expected that this number will highly increase in the next year.



  1. To be a pioneer college in the Arab world in the field of legal studies. 
  2. To be the first choice of students seeking education in law. 
  3. To produce students who become true legal professional.


Preparing qualified legal professionals generation equipped with knowledge and practical experience to fill the needs of society.



The faculty of law strives to achieve the following goals:

  • To enhance the value of human rights and rule of law.
  • To prepare graduates to be pioneers and leaders in their areas of specialization.
  • To ensure capacity building and character building among the students and scholars.
  • To meets the developments needs of the country by developing a high caliber legal cadre to meet the needs of the labor market.
  • To build the legal personality of the students. and to link the legal education with professional values