The College of Law students from student initiatives that aim to show the name of the College of Law in front of the rest of the colleges in the University of Yarmouk first, and make the name mentioned in the rest of the law schools at other universities in a civilized and modern pilot initiatives

This is done through the establishment of a Department works to adjust the charitable work within the framework of the Faculty of Law by selecting a group of college students and guiding them to the mechanism by which the will of the charity project implementation or the revival of religious and national occasions between single-family family members of the College of Law.

Activities and projects of the initiative:

1. agriculture college entrance law Balhulyat donated by students.
2. assist in the supervision of seminars pertaining to the College of Law.
3. Organization of visits to the Palace of Justice Irbid to define a law student atmosphere which will join after graduation.
4. Develop a touch of aesthetic moral religious holiday by decorating the college building from the inside.
5. Simple activities such as academic Allocation Table, cold water distribution in the heat wave.
6. to organize campaigns to help the new students and introduce them to recording material mechanism.
7. to organize the exchange of books that aims to help students cope with the Faculty of Law at the cost of the study campaigns.
8. charity project represents the work of the charity parcels were distributed to the poor and needy in the holy month of Ramadan by collecting in-kind contributions from the students of the Faculty of law.
9. charity project represents the distribution of school bags and stationery to needy school students
10. charitable project represents collects used clothing and sort re-distributed to the poor and needy.

Members of initiatives:

  1. Mohamed Abdel Fattah Sawalha.
  2. Mohammed Rashid, Shraideh.
  3. Ahmed Goran kindness.
  4. Sondos Yousef Hawamdeh.
  5. Farhan Ayash.
  6. Bara Ahmed surgeon.
  7. Musab al-Adil interview.
  8. Mona Bataineh.
  9. Mohammed Nazzal.