Professor Lafi Daradkeh is a Professor of private law at Yarmouk University Faculty of law in Jordan. Professor daradkeh receives his Bachelor degree in law from Yarmouk University in 1995, and he receives his master and Ph.D. degrees in commercial law from university of Leeds, UK in 2002 and in 2005 respectively. He joined Yarmouk University as assistant professor of commercial law in 2005.

Professor daradkeh's research  mainly focuses on different area of commercial law, comparative law, and legal Islamic studies. His teaching area covers different topics in private law at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He has published over 50 articles in different international journals and he participated in more than 40 international conferences. He has been the program committee co-chair for several conferences. Professor daradkeh supervised a number of master&Ph.d thesis and he participated as internal and external examiner for master and Ph.D thesis. He is also editor and member of editorial board for a number of legal journals. He also participated in establishing different postgraduate programs in law in different Arab countries universities. In addition to his academic career, professor daradkeh practicing law as lawyer and legal consultant.  He was working as F4 assessor at ACCA.

Throughout his career, professor daradkeh received ample recognition for his work in the form awards and honors, such as scholarships, acknowledgment certificates, and the best distinguished university and community  service award   from UAEU.