The Faculty of Law has experienced clinical legal education during the Period of February 2012- June 2013, when it started its own legal clinic. The clinic has been supported by the American Bar Association- Rule of Law Initiative, which is funded by the USAID, and operates in a partnership with the Vocational Training Corporation (VTC) in Jordan. 

The clinic has been offered as a mandatory course through an existing course that is called (Judicial Applications), and has run for three semesters; in the first and second semesters the clinic was specialized in labor law, where the students of the clinic delivered interactive legal awareness lectures to the trainees of the VTC in Irbid, Ajloun, Jarash and Ramtha.

The third clinic added a new component to its activities as it added Personal Status Law in addition to Labor Law, the new component was in partnership with Princess Basma Center for Woman’s Studies in Yarmouk University. The students of the clinic delivered legal awareness through interactive sessions to women from the local community, in topics like marriage, divorce and custody.

Around seventy five students (male and female) took the clinical course; three law professors were in charge of running the clinic, but with cooperation and interest shown from other law professors in the faculty.

During the life of the clinic, it made a good impression inside and outside the university, since it was mainly based on an interaction with the community and meant to legally serve its needs, in addition with the added value of establishing partnerships with national and international organizations.

The Faculty of Law hopes that the clinic will be reopened shortly.